Board of Directors

Gilda Carle, Ph.D.

President of Country Cures®
Leading the educational effort in curriculum design, training, and inspiration

dr-gilda-carleDr. Gilda Carle received a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from New York University. She also earned educational certification from New York State as a teacher, principal, and school superintendent. She is a professor emerita from Mercy College, and conducted Relationship Wellness training for Columbia University Medical Center’s medical and dental students.

Dr. Gilda is known as both an author and a TV personality. She wrote the weekly “30-Second Therapist” column on the Today Show’s Health page, she wrote the “Ask Dr. Gilda” column for, she was the Relationship Expert for “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” on the Investigation Discovery TV network, and she was the therapist in HBO’s Emmy Award winner, “Telling Nicholas,” featured on Oprah, where she guided a family to tell their 7-year-old that his mother died in the World Trade Center bombing. She was also MTV Online’s “Love Doc” and the TV host for Twentieth Century Fox’s pilot, the “Dr. Gilda Show.”

While Dr. Gilda was trying to get a suffering client to get through a thorny relationship problem, she was able to get her point across by playing him a country music song. Instantly, the client got it, and Dr. Gilda knew she was on to something! She began using country music routinely in her educational healing work. Eventually, she linked her two passions, country music and her popular motivational messages, to become the educational non-profit, Country Cures®. Thanks to Country Cures®, people now say they listen to country music with “new ears.”

She appears regularly on TV, radio, and in print. She is also a product spokesperson for various large companies, some of which have included Harlequin Books, Hallmark Cards, Galderma Pharmaceuticals, and Cottonelle. In addition, she has been a management consultant, and is now a motivational speaker at Fortune 500 corporations and other organizations. Clients have comprised the IRS, US Army, US Army Corps of Engineers, Citibank, NJ Department of Health, Exxon, NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation, Mobil Oil, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick Hospital, Downstate Medical School, Pepsi, IBM, NY Power Authority, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, and She is author of 15 best-selling books, one of which was a question on “Jeopardy!” For more information on Dr. Gilda’s achievements, see

Allen Fawcett, BA

Vice President of Country Cures®

allen-fawcettAllen Fawcett is a master at hands-on business, education, performance art, and broadcast production. A graduate of American University, he began his professional career as a teacher of special education. After four years, he relocated to New York, where he landed his first Broadway role, singing for the legendary composer, Richard Rogers.

Allen appeared in four Broadway musicals, including the title role of “Joseph” in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Then Dick Clark contracted him to script, host, and serve as creative consultant for the TV show, “Puttin’ On the Hits.” The show ran weekly nationwide for five years. Next, Allen was contracted by Stephen Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment to provide creative consultation for television and film production. He went on to build and operate The Allen Fawcett Sound Stage/Close-up Theater in Studio City, California, providing actors with demo reel editing, three camera shooting, and industry showcasing. Moving to Las Vegas, he created a popular Vegas-Centric website that became the marketing tool for Headliners and casino properties. Now a resident of New Jersey, Allen moved east to be hands-on in his role of Vice President of Country Cures.

Leslie Zeledon

Secretary of Country Cures®

Leslie Zeledon started her career as an administrative analyst for the national energy corporation. She quickly moved to the corporate arena in that company, where she became administrative assistant to multiple directors. She was recruited by Pepsi Co, Inc., Fortune 100 company in Purchase, New York, that manufactures consumer goods. Her role was to support the senior vice president of strategic planning and innovation. As Principal Consultant at Zeledon Consulting, she does research and strategic planning for entrepreneurs. At Country Cures®, she conducts research and facilitates all educational programs.

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