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Country Cures® applies Guitar Strings to Heart Strings with customized audios, videos, books, and educational programs to combat the bullying epidemic in cyberspace, in our schools, and beyond. Using country music, the company meets this challenge through 4 skills: 1) self-esteem, 2) communication & relationships, 3) conflict management, and 4) diversity sensitivity. Founded by nationally renowned educator, author, and media personality, Dr. Gilda Carle, Country Cures is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation.

3 Chords and the Truth

Dr. Gilda at Columbia University Medical Center, training the medical<br />and dental students in Relationship Wellness.

Dr. Gilda at Columbia University Medical Center, training the medical
and dental students in Relationship Wellness.

It has long been known that music is medicine. But songwriter Harlan Perry Howard specifically noted that the “medicine” from country music is “3 chords and the truth.” That phrase resonates wherever country music is found.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., psychiatrist, researcher, and pioneer in consciousness research and spirituality, tested people’s muscle strength on a scale of consciousness from one to 1000. Eighty-five percent of his subjects fell under 200, deemed lower functioning people, who exhibited a lack of truth, accompanied by fear and anger. Muscle strength over the rare 500 mark reflected higher consciousness and unconditional love. Remarkably, Hawkins found that listening to country music elevated muscle strength scores to 520! Thus, for higher functioning, Hawkins prescribes “3 chords and the truth”! Only through this level of vulnerability, openness, and love for others can youth besieged by bullying heal, grow, and thrive.

Country Cures® applies Hawkins’ medical model to its unique educational technique. The Country Cures staff discusses this with educators throughout the country.

The Country Cures® “3 Chords” of Truth Consist Of:

Dr. Gilda explains how to heal, grow, and thrive, on Bill Cunningham’s national TV show.

Dr. Gilda talking to Dr. Oz about the importance of building self-regard.

Chord #1: HEAL

Bullying dents the immediate students involved, and those around them, including even the aggressors. To HEAL, students, parents, and families learn communication and relationship skills that apply to all interactions throughout their lives.

Chord #2: GROW

Change takes courage. Habitual behaviors always seem to be more comfortable. To GROW, students, parents, and families learn the value of self-worth and the skills of conflict management, to enhance their lives and futures.

Chord #3: THRIVE

Ambition and achievement are the goals of school. Bullying is a distraction from these goals, and it has life-long consequences. To THRIVE, students learn how to remain focused on their goals, and how to project them with pride. While many anti-bullying programs boast entertaining cartoon “characters,” Country Cures builds life-long CHARACTER in our youth!

Pain Relief

In ancient Egypt, the harp symbolized health, comfort, and joy. Stringed instruments dominate classical and meditation music, because the vibrations of stringed instruments match the energy of the heart, small intestine, pericardium, thyroid, and adrenal glands.

Each cell, tissue, and organ has its own unique vibration. Holistic practitioner, Christiane Northrup, M.D., applauds modern medicine as “extremely good at treating acute illness, but remarkably poor at treating the whole body, including the vibrational field.” Northrup warns that until medicine addresses emotional, mental, and spiritual vibration patterns, people will not heal.

Country Cures® answers Dr. Northrup’s health warning to treat the whole body, by applying the vibrational strings of country music, so students affected by our nation’s bullying epidemic can heal, grow, and thrive.

Favorite Music

The University of Maryland Medical Center concluded that favorite music has the same positive effect on the cardiovascular system as laughter: it dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. As in other research, this study’s participants chose country music as their favorite genre! Researchers say it’s the joy the music elicits in the brain that makes the difference.

Country music brings joy to countless. In 2011, it was on a par with rock as the most favored genre, according to a Google trends monitor. Also in 2011, Arbitron noted Americans’ love of country music. Proving this music’s growing popularity, the 47th Annual Country Music Awards in 2012 garnered a rating of five percent above the former year’s telecast.

Country Cures® not only plays America’s favorite music, but also combines it with motivational messages that inspire students to achieve their life goals.

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