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Our Unique Technique

Dr. Gilda explains how to heal, grow, and thrive, on Bill Cunningham's national TV show.

Dr. Gilda explains how to heal, grow, and thrive, on Bill Cunningham’s national TV show.

A 2012 report from the American Journal of Public Health names suicide as the leading cause of injury death. Veteran suicide is the pinnacle of hopelessness–and our culture needs an antidote! Dr. David R. Hawkins demonstrated that country music correlates with “higher functioning” behaviors, in contrast to the increasingly rising suicidal mentality.

Country Cures® uses country music to ignite this higher functioning. With our unique technique, female veterans apply this favorite music to their life experiences–and heal, grow, and thrive.

Sample Teaching Tool

“Unemployment Woes”

When unemployment suddenly strikes, it shatters self-esteem and family cohesion. When it hits female veterans already suffering from depression and hopelessness, it can be deadly.

Country Cures® trains female veterans on how to optimize their strengths, protect against life derailment, and thrive, no matter what the job market has thus far provided. When a female veteran we know wanted to end her life when she couldn’t find a job, we created the following educational training tool, including a manual (not shown here). The program includes video and audio versions of this training.

Teaching Tool: “Whatever Happens TO Us, Happens FOR Us”

Produced by Allen Fawcett

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Audio Version
Produced by Roy Yokelson, Antland Productions

Sadly, veterans’ hopelessness regarding their unemployment is all too rampant.

Check out another educational teaching tool that Country Cures® created for bullied kids.

Some Popular Workshop Topics

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  • For Veterans’ Kids: How to Cope with a Bully at School
  • Interview Skills that Work
  • How to Benefit in Bad Times
  • 3-Step Anger-Busting Formula
  • Ask for What You Want—and Get It!
  • Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?
  • How to Get Revenge—by Doing Well
  • MORE, Designed by Need Let us know your needs
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