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Dr. Gilda explains how to heal, grow, and thrive, on Bill Cunningham's national TV show.

Dr. Gilda explains how to heal, grow, and thrive, on Bill Cunningham’s national TV show.

University of Southern California found that military children are disproportionately vulnerable to suicide attempts. Of 2,409 military students in ninth and 11th grade at 261 schools across California, 11.7% said they had attempted suicide. (For the 21,274 students with civilian parents, that figure was 7.3%.)

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth 10 to 24, and these statistics are rising. Yale University found a strong link between bullying and suicide.

Children of deployed service members are 2.5 times more likely to develop psychological problems, and are more likely than nonmilitary kids to experience violence and harassment at school (Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics), experiment with alcohol or drugs, and carry a weapon on school grounds (JAMA Pediatrics).

These behaviors represent the pinnacle of hopelessness–and military children need an immediate antidote! Dr. David R. Hawkins demonstrated that country music correlates with “higher functioning” behaviors, sharply contrasting the rising suicide mentality.

Country Cures® uses country music to ignite this higher functioning. With our unique technique, students apply this favorite music to their bullying experiences–and heal, grow, and thrive.

Sample Teaching Tool

“How to Shut a Bully Up!”

One of the major crises today for kids is the bullying epidemic. After researching 7,000 students in all 50 states, the University of Texas at Arlington found that traditional anti-bullying programs have not been working! Country Cures® created this educational teaching tool for the bullying epidemic—and it DOES work! A curriculum guide (not shown here) accompanies this program. Seen here are video and audio formats.

Teaching Tool: “I Can Give And Forgive”

Produced by Allen Fawcett

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Audio Version
Produced by Roy Yokelson, Antland Productions

Sadly, kids’ feelings of hopelessness are all too rampant. AND WE MUST INTERVENE AT ONCE!

Check out another educational teaching tool that Country Cures® created for bullied kids.

Your Favorite Musicians Speak

01.jpg 010.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg AustinWebb.jpg BigRich.jpg BillyRay.jpg BillyRay2.jpg BlakeShelton.jpg BoBrice.jpg BonnieRaitt.jpg BradPaisley.jpg BrooksDunn.jpg CarrieUnderwood.jpg CivilWars.jpg ConnieBritton.jpg Covington.jpg DaniellePeck.jpg DariusRucker.jpg DavidNail.jpg DeanMiller.jpg DerekSholl.jpg DerekSholl2.jpg Dierks.jpg DixieChicks.jpg DixieChicks2.jpg Dolly.jpg EdensEdge.jpg FaithHill.jpg HeidiNewfield.jpg HunterHayes.jpg JameyJohnson.jpg JameyJohnson2.jpg JanaKramer.jpg JasonCrabb.jpg JoDeeMessina.jpg JoDeeMessina2.jpg JohnRich.jpg JulianneAnkley.jpg KatieArmiger.jpg KatieArmiger2.jpg KeithUrban.jpg KeithUrban2.jpg KennyChesney.jpg KennyChesny.jpg LadyA.jpg LadyAntebellum.jpg LeAnn.jpg LeAnn2.jpg LeeBrice.jpg LittleBigTown.jpg LoCash.2.png Lovett.jpg LucyHale.jpg MaggieRose.jpg MallaryHope.jpg Martina.jpg Martina1.jpg Martina2.jpg Miranda.jpg Miranda2.jpg Miranda3.jpg Miranda4.jpg NashvilleCast.jpg PhilVassar.jpg Rosehill.jpg Sturgill.jpg TimMcGraw.jpg Trace.jpg TyHerndon.jpg WillHope.jpg Wyonna.jpg

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